Symposium Broadcast

Symposium Organizers

Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation

Russian Academy of Sciences

A.N. Kosygin Russian State University

Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

Russian Chemical Society named after D.I. Mendeleev

The Russian Academy of Engineering (RAE)

Russian Union of Scientific and Engineering Public Associations

Eurasian information analytical consortium

Moscow State University of Food Production

Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry named after N.S. Kurnakov (RAS of the Russian Federation)

A.V. Luikov Heat and Mass Transfer Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

Moscow Polytechnic University

Ivannikov Institute for System Programming of the RAS

China Association for Science and Technology (CAST)

Saint-Petersburg State Institute of Technology

With financial support

International Scientific Organizing Committee

Abiev R.Sh. prof. (Russia)
Akulich A.V. prof. (Belarus)
Akulich P.V. prof. (Belarus)
Alves-Filho O. prof. (Norway)
Avetisyan A.I. prof. (Russia)
Babkin V.V. prof. (Russia)
Balykhin M.G. prof. (Russia)
Belgorodsky V.S. prof. (Russia)
Berentgarten M.G. prof. (Russia)
Berthiaux Henri prof. (France)
Blinichev V.N. prof. (Russia)
Cherepenin V.A. Corresponding Member RAS (Russia)
Dang Vu Minh prof. (Vietnam)
David Fletcher prof. (Australia)
Ditl P. prof. (Czech Rep.)
Dornyak O.R. prof. (Russia)
Drukarenko S.P. Dr. (Russia)
Dyakonov S.G. prof. (Russia)
Faïçal Larachi prof. (Canada)
Fedosov S.V. acad. RAASN (Russia)
Frolkova A.K. prof. (Russia)
Generalov M.B. prof. (Russia)
Gong K.E. prof. (China)
Grunsky V.N. prof. (Russia)
Gulyaev Yu.V. acad. RAS (Russia)
Gusev B.V. Corresponding Member RAS (Russia)
Ivanov V.V. Corresponding Member RAS (Russia)
Jirout T. prof. (Czech Rep.)
Jürgen Brandner prof. (Germany)
Khmelev V.N. prof. (Russia)
Kholkin A.I. acad. RAS (Russia)
Kiefer Thomas prof. (Germany)
Kildeeva N.R. prof. (Russia)
Kiwi-Minsker Lioubov prof. (Switzerland)
Klinov A.V. prof. (Russia)
Kobrakov K.I. prof. (Russia)

Kosheleva M.K. prof. (Russia)
Krawczyk J. prof. (Poland)
Kulov N.N. prof. (Russia)
Labutin A.N. prof. (Russia)
Leontiev L.I. acad. RAS (Russia)
Lesovik V.S. Corresponding Member RAASN (Russia)
Levitsky S.P. prof. (Israel)
Lipin A.G. prof. (Russia)
Lukachevsky B.P. dr. (Russia)
Marlene Kanga dr. (Australia)
Mazhuga A.G. prof. (Russia)
Mechtcherin Victor prof. (Germany)
Meshalkin V.P. acad. RAS (Russia)
Mizonov V.E. prof. (Russia)
Mujumdar Arun S. prof. (Canada; Singapore)
Murzin Dmitry Yu.  prof. (Finland)
Okoh Anthony I.  Prof. (South Africa)
Olshanskaya L.N. prof. (Russia)
Ostrikov A.N. prof. (Russia)
Pavlyukevich N.V. corr. NAS R. Belarus (Belarus)
Poliakoff Martyn prof. (UK)
Poux Martine prof. (France)
Ravichev L.V. prof. (Russia)
Ribatski Gerhardt prof. (Brazil)
Rieger F. prof. (Czech Rep.)
Ritunesh Kumar prof. (India)
Rudobashta S.P. prof. (Russia)
Simmons Mark prof. (UK)
Smechowski Krzysztof prof. (Poland)
Środulska-Krawczyk Małgorzata prof. (Poland)
Tapio Salmi prof. (Finland)
Tarantseva K.R. prof. (Russia)
Tsivadze A.Yu. acad. RAS (Russia)
Volker Hessel prof. (Netherlands)
Voshkin A.A. prof. (Russia)
Woerner Martin prof. (Germany)

General information about the Symposium

The main directions of the Symposium

Field 1. Theory and mathematical modeling of energy-efficient thermal, mass transfer, hydromechanical and other processes

Field 2. Technology and hardware design of energy-resource-efficient safe processes and apparatuses of chemical, oil refining, textile, light, food, woodworking, microbiological, medical, pulp and paper and other industries and agro-industrial complex

Field 3. Processes and systems for protecting the technosphere (industrial and environmental safety, risk management)

Field 4. Digital technologies in energy-efficient processes and technological systems

Field 5. Modern environmentally friendly innovative technologies for obtaining new functional polymer and nanomaterials

Round table 1. Improving the teaching of engineering disciplines at technical universities in Russia, China and other countries

Round table 2. The role of scientific and engineering schools in Russia, China and other countries in the development of technical sciences, education and industry

Round table 3. International cooperation of scientific, pedagogical and engineering schools of Russia, China, R. Belarus and other countries